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G'Day Friends of Australia!

I got the idea of my own web site in the middle of the 1990 years. Since 1993 I got lots of usefull and free information in the WWW. It was a problem to get Internetaccess, there was no speaking about an own website. In my region the only gateway to the Internet was at the University of Wuppertal. In 1996 I got a provider to dial up from home with my 14K-modem. In November in 1996 my provider provided the first webspace. My website was born. Finally, I had the technical possibilities to pay back free information to the internet-community. Many years since 1996 passed by and my website constantly grows. Our current Wiki was opened in October 2008. It contains 1,045 pages.

I am proud to present you my Website like it is. Without any commercial interests I present information for fun and educational use.

Markus Stumpe

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