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Australia, the country of contrasts!

The Site for all Aussi-Fans and those who want to become one but didn't make it yet. :-)

Experience the fascination of the Australian Kontinent with me in all it's beauty...


If you have questions or if you want to meet other Australian Fans you can visit my Australia-Forum. Inside you can help other fans with your answers. Let us create a place where we - the Australia-Fans - can come together. :-) You all are welcome. After a non-binding and free registration the world of our fans is open. We are happy about your new postings. If you wish you can participate in our poll: Who was down under? (Text only available in German!). Very interesting are the experiences in the topic What are your most emotional moments? (Text only available in German!). Feel free to share your experiences whith our community!


Forum - What are your most emotional moments?

In this topic in our forum we write about our most impressive experiences in Australia. I start with my experiences: Well, travelling like this is full of experiences. But one of the best was celebrating my 25th birthday at Lake Eyre near the Oodnadatta Track in the Outback ... (Text only available in German!)

Dreamtime Stories

Our Australian expert, book author and annual Australia-Traveler "ditido" collected Stories of the dreamtime. You can dive into the secrets of the aboriginal culture. In the course of time of thousands of years the Indigenous People created several interpretations of nature phenomenons like the sun, the moon the fire, etc.. Within one fact all the tribes or clans are agreed. The necessity to dream the past, to learn from all the history.

Southern Cross

The Southern Cross is a constellation that can only be watched from the southern hemisphere. It can be found in the Milky Way near the Coalsack Nebula. In extension to the south it points onto the South Celestial Pole. For me as an European the southern hemisphere is of special interest. The kind of names are totally different from those of the northern hemisphere. A lot of name of the constellations in the northern sky are from the Greek Mythology. In the "modern times" of european mariners there was no space left for myths

Sunrise and Sunset

At what time is sunrise? At what time is sunset? For your travel planning you need the daylight time. How many hours you you have sunlight? Let calculate the the Rise- and Settingtimes of the sun and the moon of different towns in Australia and of Wuppertal (Germany) in the legal times. The daylight saving time is included.

Outback Trip 1997

More than 300 pictures of my outback trip in May 1997. I have sorted the album chronological due to the journey. For easier navigation there are subalbums for every state I visited. The voyage starts in the northern Part of the Northern Territory. Then the route points to Western Australia. From there back to the Northern Territory, but now in the southern parts. The voyage ends in South Australia.

Outback Trip 2008

Here you see the images of Rüdiger. He took all of them in 2008 in Australia. Thanks that we may see some of the pictures in our gallery. The voyage starts in Alice Springs turnung south Adelaide. Driving the Grampians Nationalpark and the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne und Sydney.


Over the years I learn something about the animals living in Australia. Some of them I will introduce here. There are interesting information about the fauna: The Blue-winged Kookaburra for example is not to confound with the Laughing Kookaburra. The Dingo is not originally from Australia. Much to my surprise I found that the only amphibians living in Australia are frogs. (Text only available in German!)

Australia's History

An article about Australia's History in the age of discovers and explorers. Courtesy of The General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin. Dive into the age of mariners and adventurers in Australia's history. Who discovered Australia? Read, why James Cook did not discover Australia. During travelling the wold the English naturalist Charles Darwin visited Autralia in 1836.

Waltzing Matilda

The popular aussie folksong Waltzing Matilda has reached a cultural status. During the past years it became the secret National Song of Australia. To sing along you can download the music-scipt and the text as a PDF-document.

National Anthem

Australia has a legal National Anthem, too. To sing along you can download the music-script and the text as a PDF-document. We could listen to the National Anthem during the Olympic Games 2008 in Peking and the Athletics World Championships 2009 in Berlin. You can listen to the anthem here, too.

Aborigines / Indigenous People

Experience the art and culture of the Australian natives. They came to Australia 40000 years ago and lived in lots of clans. Find out about the old name "Aborigines" and the new name "Indigenous People". Discover the language of paintings telling stories or X-Ray-Paintings showing animals. Press information tell about the social and political position.

Ayers-Rock / Uluru

The island-mountain and the holiest place of the Australian natives. Via definition the Uluru is no monolith anymore. The "Uluru" - formerly known as "Ayers-Rock" - fascinates every tourist. Read this article to understand the Ayers-Rock and the Uluru.

Kakadu Nationalpark

The Kakadu Nationalpark has a special-position of all national-parks in Australia according to my opinion because this gigantic area is incredibly rich in cultural and natural treasures. The rock-paintings of the natives and a large number animals and plants marks this park, that is under the protection of the UNESCO. Is this protection enough, to really protect the Kakadu Nationalpark from the uranium and from the greedy economy and their hunt for the mineral resource?

Agriplace of the mediterran subtropics

Do you know the agriplace of the mediterran subtropics in the south-west of Australia? Here we learn about the agriculture in the triangel Geraldton - Kap Leuwin - Esperance. It is the most populated area in Western Australia. This region is called Swanland.


Here you see the climate of different location in Australia shown in graphics in climate diagrams. This climate diagrams can help you to determine the best travel season. But this climate data are not interesting only for travel planning. Which temperatures are in the average of months? How much fluctuation of temperature relating to the months seen on a whole year? How much rainfall? My climate diagrams will help you to answer this questions!


You are interested in radio and television from Australia in Europe? Or you are interested in radio and television in Australia from Europe? Then, you are exactly right here. Here, you will be informed about the technical possibilities in Europe or Australia in each case. There are the cable television, that satellite-television and the television via internet. Where are the advantages? Where are the disadvantages? Why is the earth curvature responsibility for the whole problems?

Road map

A Road map of the Red Center of Australia is useful for your travel planning, too. Thanks to "Hema Maps", to use this maps within my Website.

Link collection

If you want to see more about Australia you can have a look onto my link collection. To find Australia on the terrestrial globe I enlarged it with the help of my magnifying glass. If you watch the image you can see the "Southern Cross" ;-)


Inform yourself about the situation of Australia. The australian news presents political, economic and social events. Read the headlines or the complete articles. Here you can also read the news of our Australia-Blog.

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