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Wollemi Pine
Latin: Wollemia Nobilis
Family: Coniferous Wood
Occurrence: Near the Blue Mountains
Surroundings: Shadow Forest
Notes: Long time thought to be extinct. Rediscovered in the 1990s.


In the course of time I learned something about plants living in Australia. Some of them I will introduce here.

Wollemi Pine

Blue Mountains

The Wollemi Pine is a very special plant: All scientists thought it was an extinct plant. In the 1990 this plant was rediscovered. The detailed location is not tolen to protect it. But it is known that the place is somewherer in the norh of the Blue Mountains in the southeastern of Australia.

A small scion of this threaten species lived in my garden (Germany). But maintenance is very difficult. The wearther is to hot or to cold, to wet or to dry. After one year my scion died. In the botanic gardens of Bochum (Germany) and Adelaide (Australia) they died, too. To keep this species alive there exists scions all over the globe in the hope the Wollemi Pine may survive.

Open bible 01 01.svg  Quote - Dieter Tischendorf, 2007 (Translation in English)

After the separation of the Australian mainland a long time of isolation for animals and plants began. This can be explained best at the example of the Wollemi Pine. This pine is a prehistoric tree. In 1994 it was discovered by fortuity by scientists in the today's Wollemi Nationalpark in New South Wales. They found about 50 grown up trees in the Blue Mountains near Sydney. The scientists told about a most important discovery in history of the last centuries. That place of nature is protected by the australian authorities and the detailed location is kept secret. Until now scientists themselves went there by helicopter with blindfold.

Open bible 01 01.svg  Quote - Dieter Tischendorf, 2007 (Original in German)

Nach der endgültigen Trennung des australischen Festlandes begann die lange Isolation der Tier- und Pflanzenwelt, der so genannten Endemiten. Das lässt sich am besten am Beispiel der Wollemia Kiefer erklären. Die Kiefer ist ein prähistorischer Baum, der 1994 zufällig im Wollemi NP in NSW gefunden wurde. Ein Ranger entdeckte in einem abgelegenen Tal in den 'Blue Mountains' bei Sydney etwa 50 erwachsene uralte Wollemia-Bäume und sogar einige Sämlinge. Die Dinge überschlugen sich, Botaniker bezeichnen den Fund der lebenden Bäume als die wichtigste botanische Entdeckung der letzten Jahrzehnte. Der Naturstandort wird von den australischen Behörden bewacht und streng geheim gehalten. Nach wie vor werden selbst Wissenschaftler nur mit verbundenen Augen in das Tal geflogen.

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