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General Information

  • The favicon at your browsers adressline shows the kangaroo . This indicates, that you are browsing my site.
  • Lots of articles are linked each other. This means, that not every page is listed in the left navigation sitebar.
  • We speak German and English. Sorry, some page are not available in English.


This Wiki uses some icons to label special links. The following table shout explain the labels:

Legend Explanation
Glossary of this website Call the glossary to the specified catchword.
Different content of this website. You are not leaving this website but you leave the Wiki.
Wikipedia Call the page in the Wikipedia.
Panoramio Call a map at Panoramio (Google Earth material)
Google Streetview Call the street at Google Steetview.
Google Maps Call a map at Google Maps.
Leaving Website This are all other links leaving my website.
Email This icon shows an email adress.
Audiofile This icon shows an audiofile.
Download This icon shows a filedownload.


If you need help to use this website or help to the australian topic you can contact us:

Kangaroosign.png We have a lot of maintenance work causing errors an issues.

Thank you for your understanding.