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The secret of painting

The "X-Ray Look" - The Emu
The Stories - "The Killing of Lumaluma"
Woman is painting

The Aborigines painted a lot of pictures. In the past and in the present. At work they use a "pool" of basic symbols. You can recognize them in different paintings.

This pictures, often painted on rocks or bark, show two main different looks. There is the X-Ray Look, showing the innards of an animal. The stories are another typical form of paintings. Many pictures tell a story about the forebears from the dreamtime (Text only available in German!). The picture must be read in a certain direction on that occasion. The beginning of the story can be everywhere the picture and is not e.g., in the upper left or right side. In the Kakadu Nationalpark are very well preserved rock-paintings to view for tourists.

List of differnet styles

The following pages will describe the styles. It is more easy with the help of examples:

List of different picture-examples

The folowing pages will describe the images:

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