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Calculating Rise- and set-times for sun and moon

Special thanks to Bruce Hill and "Kalle Blomquist" for their information about the Western Australia time zone!

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Choosing the location for which the raise- and set-times should be calculated:

Predefined locations

Map of predefined Locations (Australia only))

Which location do you want to see?

Please note: In this calculation the type of "civil twilight" is used.

Own Location

For Experts: Display times for any location

Type of twilight

civil (sun 6° down horizon)
nautical (sun 12° down horizon)
astronomical (sun 18° down horizon)

Use of summer-daylight time in international standard

the summer-winter daylight change is applied in this country
the summer-winter daylight change is not used in this country
the usage of summer-winter daylight change is unknown


Location (display only)
Longitude in degrees (positive for west, negative for east)
Latitude in degrees (positive for north, negative for south)
Timezone difference to UTC in hours
Start day
Start month
Start year (yyyy)
Stop day
Stop month
Stop year (yyyy)

Please note: Period of calculation has a 366 day limit.

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Thank you for your understanding.