The Killing of Lumaluma

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"The Killing of Lumaluma" is a good example in order to recognize the style of the story-paintings. The picture was createt in 1988 and was painted with ocker on bark.

The Stories - "The Killing of Lumaluma"

Lumaluma the colossus delivered the culture. The legend according to, he should have come from Indonesia to Australia. However, he could finally teach the people in a attacked manner first as strangeer and non-welcome the painting and the dance. Ocher drawings coming of him form complicated models in many crossed lines, he painted the Gunwinggu in the Arnhem Land to the breast. To fulfillment of his "task", he returned to Indonesia.

According to another legend, he had really no possibility to turn to Indonesia! It is told that Lumaluma stole women, while he carried sanctuaries through the country of the Kunwunjku. For punishment, Lumaluma was spiked by many spears but finally nevertheless spared. He should still have occasion to give his art in the painting of bodies. When however he stole two women and fled with them over the water, the men of the tribes Yirritja and Dhuwa followed him in their boats to kill Lumaluma.

The picture "The Killing of Lumaluma" announces the men of Yirritja (in bright colors) and those from Dhuwa (dark color) in the boats. Lumaluma, to the left in the picture, is already spiked with spears. The body painting comes from himself and was notched into his skin with sharp stones. One sees the three skeletons of Lumaluma and the two kidnapped women on the lower left in the picture. At the lower right side you find the things uses for the Mardayin-Ceremony, stolen of Lumaluma after his execution.

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