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Western Australia

Western Australia is located in the west of Australia from the north to the south. It contains the tropics/subtropic, dry deserts and the temperate climate-zone. During my tour in Australia I took some pictures of Western Australia.

Towns in Western Australia

Albany, Broome, Carnarvon, Esperance, Forrest, Geraldton, Giles, Halls Creek, Kalgoorlie, Meekatharra, Perth, Port Hedland

People in Australia

Born in Western Australia

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Died in Western Australia

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Pictures and Road Maps in Western Australia

Road Maps

Agrarsw.jpg, Australia 1916 western australia.jpg, Karte Kimberley.jpg, Karte Nord-Westaustralien.jpg, Karte Shark Bay.jpg, Karte suedwesten.jpg, Nordwestaustralien 1885.jpg


Bei den mitchel falls.jpg, BoabPrisonTree.jpg, Bunglebunglebrand.jpg

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Nationalparks in Western Australia

  • Purnululu (Bungle Bungle): The Bungle Bungle Range, in Purnululu National Park, is one of the most fascinating geological landmarks in Western Australia. From an aircraft, the Bungle Bungle Range is an imposing sight. The orange and black stripes across the beehive-like mounds, encased in a skin of silica and algae, are clearly visible as you approach from the south. As you sweep further over the range a hidden world of gorges and pools is revealed, with fan palms clinging precariously to walls and crevices in the rocks.
  • Burringurrah (Mount-Augustus-Nationalpark): Mount Augustus, or Burringurrah as it is known by the local Wadjari Aboriginal people, is about 850 kilometres from Perth and midway between the Great Northern and North West Coastal highways.
  • Ningaloo Marine Park: Ningaloo Marine Park (Commonwealth Waters) stretches approximately 300km along the west coast of the Cape Range Peninsula near Exmouth, Western Australia approximately 1200km north of Perth. The total area of the reserve is 2435 km2. Ningaloo Reef, the longest fringing barrier reef in Australia, and the only example in the world of extensive fringing coral reef on the west coast of a continent, is adjacent to the reserve and is protected by the Ningaloo Marine Park (State Waters) which lies between the reserve and the WA coast.

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