The Kangaroo-Hunt

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The Hunting is a nice example to explain and watch the X-Ray Look.

The "X-Ray Look" - The Hunting

This rock-painting is placed in a bay in the rock of the Nourlangie Rock protected against weathering located in the Kakadu Nationalpark. The depth is not to be seen on the photo. But the top of the image lies some meters nearer to the photographer than the bottom of the image.

This picture shows a kangaroo on the left side of this x-ray-styled image. The natives often show animals in rock-paintings in form of the x-ray-look in order to be able to represent the innards. These animals also serve the natives as food and clarify the available food-reserve. This is done by the boomerang-representations painted in the right part of the picture because they were used for hunting. Differently expressed, the painters show the high status of the peopole because food is not important to survive. It is also an expression of art.

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